Friday, April 19, 2013

Tips on Engraving Glass

Receiving a gift that has your name engraved on it probably makes you feel special that someone took the time to personalize it. Individuals who engrave glass use their skills of precision to create delicate works of art. You can purchase engraving tools at your local craft and hobby stores or on the Internet.

  • Best Tool for Your Hobby
  • Start Simple
    Redbook suggests that you should start simple when engraving glass. Engrave patterns such as names or words. Start your projects on glasses that have a straight side rather than a curved side.
    Practice Makes Perfect
    With any project you have to practice in order to achieve the level of perfection that you want. Find a piece of scrap glass and try the different tips on it so that you can improve your engraving for each tip you use. Try using circular motions, straight lines and stippling your design. Practice your shading skills with different tips. Number the engravings you used with each tip so you can refer back to them in the future when you are looking for a particular tip to engrave a certain design. Remember that imperfections also give the piece character. Don't sweat the small stuff, odds are others won't be able to notice.
    Engraving Tips
    If you are printing a design from your computer, tape the design on the inside of the glass and use a permanent marker to trace the image on to the front of the glass. This will give you a template that you don't have to worry about holding onto the glass.

    Rest your hand on a pile of books to bring your hand to the same level and help you keep it stable while using your engraving tool.

    Engrave in an area with plenty of light. Place dark fabric under your glass or engrave on a surface that is dark in color. This will help you see your design better since glassware naturally has a glare.
    Keep the dust wiped clean from the glass to view your engraving and keep track of how far along you have advanced.

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