Friday, April 19, 2013

Engrave Glasses for a Wedding Gift

Beautiful glassware makes a wonderful gift for a variety of occasions. Customizing the glassware with a special message or design makes the gift even more unique. Glass engraving is done with a specialized pen that etches or rubs the glass with a specialty tip. Glass engraving pens, also known as etching pens, can be purchased at the local craft store. These pens are easy to use, and can create a multitude of designs and engraving styles on almost any type of glass.


1. Put on the safety goggles. This will prevent glass pieces from hitting your eyes. Secure the mask to your face to avoid breathing in the dust particles from the engraving process.

2. Find a stencil that matches the type of engraving you would like to do. You can also print out a design, or create one on the computer using a fancy font. If you have nice handwriting, write the message on a piece of paper.

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  • 3. Position the design on the inside of the glass at the desired position. Tape the corners with clear tape to hold it in place. Clear tape allows you to still see the design easily. Reposition the image or text if needed.

    4. Select the tip that will create the desired effect. The diamond tip is great for text engraving. Each brand and pen type will have different tips and tip instructions. Read the instruction booklet to determine which tip type will work best for the design you wish to achieve.

    5. Turn on the pen. Begin engraving the image. If you are engraving text, simply trace the outline of the font, and fill in the center, or trace your handwriting. If you are tracing an image, remember to engrave the light areas, and leave the dark areas of the image as clear glass.

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