Friday, April 19, 2013

Learn to Engrave Glass

Glass etching is a relatively simple process that can yield quite elegant results. It requires very few supplies, so the initial investment is minimal and you won't need much storage space. Your creativity and a steady hand are the most important requirements for making beautiful engraved glass art. You can use any type of glass you want, from stemware to mirrors and beyond, to produce your own keepsakes and impressive homemade gifts.


1. Put on a dust mask to avoid inhaling the glass dust that results from engraving glass with a grinding tool.

2. Secure an engraving template on the underside of the glass you will engrave. Your template can be a hand-drawn image or a stencil printed from the computer. For personalized items, type words in the font of your choice on a word processor and print. Tape is usually all you need to keep the template in place.

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  • 3. Trace the image with a die grinding tool and diamond point wheel ball bit. Trace slowly and steadily. If you already have a die grinding tool, you can get this bit for just a few dollars. If you don't have a die grinding tool, you can purchase a glass etching tool from a hobby store and get the same results.

    4. Remove the template and examine the glass. Using your tool, trace over the image again to get an even line. You may need to go over it several times, depending on the thickness you want for your image.

    5. Wash the glass to remove any debris and allow it to air dry.

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