Friday, April 19, 2013

Stencil for Etching Glass

Delicately etched glass makes elegant additions to any home decor. Whether you choose to etch glasses, mirrors or the pane in your front door, you will need a good stencil to complete the project. Although you can purchase stencils designed for glass etching at your local craft store, making your own allows you to create a unique design and save money in the process. With a few simple supplies, you can create stencils to fit your needs within minutes.

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  • Instructions

    1. Select the image you want to etch. You can find a wide selection of images in children's coloring books, applique books or magazines. Scan the image and print it out on plain paper. As an alternative, you can photocopy the image if you have access to a photocopier.

    2. Place a piece of clear contact paper on the table in front of you. Place the image on top of the contact paper. Tape the edges to prevent slipping. Use a craft knife to cut out the image. Be sure you cut through the contact paper as well. This will be your stencil. Use care to make clean even cuts. Trim any jagged edges with a pair of craft scissors.

    3. Prepare the glass area to be etched, following the instructions on your etching cream. You can find glass etching cream in your local craft store. Dry the surface completely. Follow the directions printed on the contact paper to remove the paper backing from the stencil. Press it in place on the object to be etched.

    4. Follow manufacturer's direction for etching. Remove contact paper when the etching cream is set.

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