Friday, April 19, 2013

Ideas for Glass Engraving

Glass engraving ideas are limitless. Whether you do the engraving yourself or a professional engraver does all the work, you will end up with a beautiful work of art. It takes a steady hand and practice to engrave glass, but you can create many gifts. These glass engraving ideas are based on specific occasions including sports, holidays, weddings, business and memorials.

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  • Create engraved glass awards for sport tournaments. Some award ideas include bowls, plates and carved shapes. Engrave the winning team's name, the date of the award and the name of the tournament they won. Engrave trophies for MVP or most improved player. Give small glass trophies to each member of the team with their names engraved on them.

    Engrave glass ornaments with the year and a simple design. Each year make a new ornament as a keepsake. Give engraved glass ornaments as gifts to loved ones. For parties, engrave glass serving plates and bowls. Engraved glass decorations work for any holiday. Glass ghosts will look creepy during Halloween with candles flickering behind them. Engrave serving dishes with the flag for Independence Day. Engrave hearts in glass for Valentine's day.

    Use engraved glass for weddings to create a romantic and beautiful setting. Engrave champagne glasses for the bride and groom, or give engraved glass party favors with the bride and groom's names and the wedding date. Create centerpieces from glass vases or bowls and engrave them with designs such as the wedding flowers, two interconnected hearts or kissing birds.

    Whether for children or adults, make engraved glass birthday presents. Make a glass puzzle by engraving a design on thick glass and then cutting it into various odd shapes. The puzzle becomes a keepsake and a toy that children will cherish for years. Engrave glass mirrors with the image from a favorite photo. It requires lots of practice to engrave photos onto glass, but the result is amazing.

    Some glass engraving ideas for businesses include nameplates, pen holders and glass bricks. Engrave the employee's name and the name of the business. Give engraved glass bricks as awards for employee of the month or as a thank you for excellent work. Engrave and etch business windows with designs that represent what the business does or with the business name.

    Engrave glass memorials for a beautiful reminder of loved ones lost. Use any shape of glass and engrave them with name, date of birth and death, special quote, picture of the loved one and/or picture of something they loved. Give engraved glass memorials as a special gift, or make one to place on a grave site.


    1. That was a good post, I do have thought about doing engraves on trophies & corporate gifts for they provide more appreciation make award more valuable if the name,date and reason etc are engraved on them.

      1. A work will be more valuable if it is done with hand skills. If you have questions or need a design. I will try to help you

    2. I really want to learn how to engrave. I love seeing rings; necklaces and braces with engrave names on. It is one way of personalizing your stuffs and making it more beautiful. This is also mostly done to trophies and other awards. Skills, talent and expertise are essential for this service.

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